Whenever I create a smashbook page (which I consider mini layouts in training - lol), I always take a photo on my phone and share it on Instagram.  Sometimes I share it in the SMASH*aholics FB group.  But I get lazy and never share it here.

Only because I have to go through "a lot" to do it.  Take a nice photos with my digital camera.  Upload the pix.  Edit the photos (size & brightness).  Add the watermark and resize the pixels so that it won't take FOREVER to upload here.   You see how long that is?  So I get lazy.

Once I smash and share on IG, I put the book away and clear my desk, or make another page and repeat the process.  But today (after breakfast, which by the way was yummy... I made French Crepes, but that's another blog), I took some time to photograph the newest smash pages.

On the sidebar of my blog there's an area that has all the smashbooks I'm currently working on.  With a link to each one individually so that you can all reference back to and check out. .. just incase you're stuck on what to do with a certain page.  If you want to see more, just go to the sidebar and check out each book.

[click pix to enlarge - if you're nosy & wanna read the journaling - lol]

My husband made this page of Giovanni in the Mets shirt.
There's a video I recorded.
You can watch the process HERE & the results HERE.

Thanks for checking in and have a great weekend!
Tomorrow I'll share my Creative Chaos binder... it's all about 2013 events.

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P.S.  This was breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

This post is amazing! I love every single one, so inspiring!!!

Unknown said...

So...I follow you on IG...and I JUST realized that you design for Scrap Happy?! My mom loves that store and we go there often! I'm from Mansfield OH! :) I have a Smash Book that I've wanted to tackle, just haven't yet! :)

CraftyNatalie said...

WOW! Amazing pages, i am hoping to put some of my pages on my blog in the next week.


Unknown said...

I love all your pages!! :)

kC said...

I love your pages and it is great seeing them all in one place!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love every single page! The ones of your nails and craft room ones are soooo cool! I also remember now that your hubby did a page and you made a video. I saw the page he did of your son and remembered. You both did a GREAT job. Fantastic work and thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pages.

Unknown said... your Smash Book. Two of your top 10 favourite songs are mine....FloRida & David Guetta...both featuring them all the time...and sing along.