Baby Shower Keepsake

I was given the crafty task of making New Mom Advice Cards for my sister-n-law's baby shower this coming Saturday.  To be honest, I didn't know where to start.  I figured if I found the Sizzix die I would be able to make it easy on myself.  Yes, that discontinued die of the baby dress.  Couldn't find it anywhere.  Not even eBay.  Not even The Scrap Yard.

So I went to my good friend (GOOGLE), and searched for a template.  There were a couple that were cute, but this particular one stood out.  It was roomy and it also looked more girly than the others.

I asked hubby to work his magic and he was able to replicate it.  I say replicate because the image I saved for him to work on was grainy, blurred and rough around the edges.  So we took that idea and made it our own.

My SIL's sister-n-law wanted each advice card to be decorated with lace and trim and flowers, but as I thought about it more I knew it would be difficult to keep all those cards without any of them ripping or coming undone.  So I decided I would create a Mini Keepsake Album, where she can keep all the cards in one spot and also have a beautiful front to showcase.  Each family or person who writes an advice card will have their photo taken with my BIL, SIL and baby Alina.  That photo will go to the left of their advice card (being glued to the back of the previous advice card).

I know it sounds confusing, which is why I recorded a video discussing more about the process, the ideas behind it, products used and other details.

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