Happy Birthday Lizzie!!

Bonjour Bloggers.

Today is a special day because it involves celebrating the birthday of a super cool friend I met over the summer in the Smashaholic Group on Facebook.  You know her as Oh Snap Lizzie, and the best way to describe her is: witty, silly, fun, cool, different, super sweet and totally gets me!!  I love her to pieces and I was extremely flattered (and a bit scared - lol) when she asked me to help her celebrate, by joining her Blog Birthday Party.

I wanted to make something I've never done before and I wanted to incorporate something we have in common, our love of HELLO KITTY.  So I ended up in the kitchen.. if you can believe that!  lol

I'm totally NOT a baker, my swag is best seen in a craftroom (lol), but I took the plunge and made these yummy cake pops just for her.  I want to share with you a few photos of how I made it, just incase you'd like to make them yourself, and FYI I've already had a couple and they are FANTASTIC!!

I baked a cake, let it cool, crumbled it up, added frosting, mixed the batter,
rolled it into 1.5" balls and placed them on parchment paper.

I dipped the pop sticks into melted chocolate, put them in the center of the cake pops,
and put the pops into the freezer for 45 minutes.

Who Doesn't Love HELLO KITTY CHOCOLATE?!?!??

Let's Decorate!!

I coated the semi-frozen cake pops in melted chocolate 
to have a sticky surface for all my sweet embellies to adhere to.


I wrapped the pops in cellophane and chilled in the fridge.

You can't tell from the photo,
but what I did was carve the head out from the Hello Kitty mold,
spread melted chocolate on the back
and stuck it to the top of the coconut covered cake pop.

I hope you've enjoyed today's birthday blog share.  And I hope you will all take the time to show Lizzie some birthday love.

Happy Birthday Lizzie!!!!  I hope you have a spectacular birthday!!!  I'd send you these pops, but half of them are gone and I'm afraid it might melt on their way to you... :(

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