Sunday, December 16, 2012

25 DOC - Lucky 13

I know I was supposed to wait til Monday to share the news, but I'm too excited for everyone.. hehe.

The day is finally here and I'm extremely grateful and happy with the support and wonderful comments throughout these past 5 weeks.  I want to thank you for taking the time to read my (very long) blogs and for playing along.  It really was worth all the work I put into organizing this event and made me look forward to Christmas 2013!!!

A HUGE thanks to all the sponsors that contributed to this event.  I might be contacting you again next year, except it'll only be 12 Days of Christmas, (I think).  LOL!!

1.                 - Prize Pack.
2.                               - 7 Digital Stamps     (your choice).
3.                                    - 6 Pc Sketch Floral Set #2
4.                                  - 3 Digital Stamps     (your choice).
5.                   - $25 Gift Certificate.
6.                            - 1 Rubber Stamp    (your choice).
7.                            - 2 "Try Me" Sets     (your choice).
8.                                 - Authentique "Festive" 6x6 paper pad.
9.             - 2 "Holiday Style" 12x12 Collection Packs.
10.                              - $20 Gift Certificate.
11.          - 3 Digital Stamps     (your choice).
12.                              - Prize Pack.
13.                                 - $20 Gift Certificate.
14.                                   - Over $50 in stamps.
15.                      - Glitz Designs "Hello Friend" stamp set.

It is Sunday night (right now) at 9pm, and I spent the last 2 days doing research, deleting extra comments and basically really focused on making sure that the winners were legit and played by the rules.  It's sad to say that many people missed out because they were missing even the slightest little thing that was asked of them.  Down to leaving a comment on a FB page for an extra comment.  I am very honest and very legit, and I wanted to make sure that those who played by the rules were rewarded.

Before I get to the winners, though, I'd like to invite you back for another week of Christmas Inspiration.  Starting Wednesday, and all the way up to Christmas Day, I'll be sharing more of my 25 Days of Christmas projects... the ones that were not used in the event.  I like to call them "Misfits", hehe.  So if you're interested, meet me here.  If not, A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!  *wink*.

Day 5 - 7 Bugaboo Digital Stamps:    SHARLA
Day 4 - $20 Paper Issues GC:           LINDA CLANTON

Day 10 - 2 Creative Chics & Scrap Happy Ohio Prize Packs:   CRYSTAL :)
Day 10 - Lindy's Stamp Gang "Try Me" Set:                              ARDILLA

Day 13 - 3 Digital Stamps from Heather-Ellis:   KAVITHRA VODHRI
Day 15 - $20 The Beary Scrap GC:                 TERESA GODINES

Day 16 - 3 Saturated Canary Digital Stamps:   CREATIVE M.
Day 20 - MBTreasurista 6x6 Pad:                   SUNSHINE HONEYBEE

Day 25 - Lili Of The Valley Stamp:          BERINA
Day 24 - $25 It's Always Fabulous GC:   JESSICA




Congrats to everyone and you have until Saturday, 12/22/12 to claim your prize at  Please include your full name, your home address, Email and the prize you won.

P.S.  Happy 3 Year Blog-A-Versary to me!!  =D

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