Saturday, November 24, 2012

25 DOC - F.Y.I.

I've been asked a few questions about this event and I'd like to share more information here for those of you who are participating.

You may have noticed that not every blog post focuses on a prize.  I have selected specific blog posts to share prizes with you because it was in that project that I used an item from the company or shop that sells it,; of those who have sponsored something.

This does NOT mean that those blog posts are the ones that have Santa's Blog Candy in it.

2 winners will be randomly selected per week and here is how it will be done:
First I will randomly select a day from the first week in which the blog candy is at.  For example the first week will get 2 winners, so I will randomly select which 2 days of that first week has the blog candy.  Then I will randomly select which comment (of those 2 randomly selected days), depending on how many comments was left on that particular day; and that will bethe winner.  I hope this better explains it.

For the Grand Prizes, I will randomly select 2 numbers out of all the 25 Days of Christmas blog posts that were created.  It could land on Day 7 or Day 22.  Within those days I will randomly select another number depending on how many comments were left for that day.  That is who the winner will be.

[BTW: any prizes won on Day 7 or Day 22 is purely coincidental... just sayin'! - lol]

Also, the prizes I share are not in order.  So in the first week I shared some giveaways that might end up on week 3 or week 5.  You  never know, so don't go by what I've advertised.

To better your chance, you should leave a comment on each post.  There are also ways to get extra comments if you read the details in each post.

I hope this clarifies any confusion you've been having.

Thanks for taking the time to play along and GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!

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P.S.  If you are just joining me, please see below for more details about this event and to see what's in Santa's Blog Candy!!


To Win Santa's Blog Candy
Read the rules HERE and join the fun!!

Two winners each week...
And 2 Grand Prize winners!!
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