Monday, November 12, 2012

25 DOC - Day 1 - Assembly Required

Good Day, and welcome to DAY 1 of 25 Days of Christmas!!

I am excited to spend the next 5 weeks with you for a few Reasons:
#1 I get to challenge myself, and get more Christmas things done during this very busy time.
#2 I will get to meet new people.
And especially #3, I get to inspire people.

If this is your first time hearing about this, you can find more information at the very end of this post.

Okay, let's get to "WORK"!!  lol

I found these pouches at the Dollar Tree about a year ago and purchased them with the intention of making something of it.  Yup.  You know how that story ends.  lol.

Fast forward a year and I found them in my "alterables" bin in my craft closet.  They've been in the back of my mind for some time and I finally pulled them out to use and share with you a 10 step tutorial (for each).  Here is how I made these adorable Santa & Rudolph gift pouches, which you can fill with candy, homemade cookies or a gift card.  =)

S A N T A !!!

... i know him.

STEP 1:  
Pull apart a pouch and trace it on red cardstock.

STEP 2:  
Draw in the curves that will enclose the pouches on either side.
Score the curves with a hand tool.
Score the folds with a real tool.

 STEP 3:  
Punch 1.25" square punch first.
Punch 1.75" square punch centered over the smaller square on the cardstock.
This creates a boxed out square for the belt.

Cut out your pouch and use a 1/2" circle punch to make a perfect round shape at the ends.
This section will help the receiver put their finger in and open the enclosed ends.

STEP 5:  
Cut a strip of black cardstock 1.5" x 7".
This will be the belt and wrap around the width of the pouch.
Make sure it's long enough so the ends meet in the back.

STEP 6:  
Glue the buckle to the belt and place aside.

STEP 7:  
Assemble the pouch with secure adhesive.
I prefer red line tape.

 STEP 8:  
Create Santa's coat collar with white felt.
Trace the curve of the top of the box on a piece of the felt.
Cut out the felt & glue to the very top edge of the pouch.
Trim the edges.

 STEP 9:  
Glue the belt (buckle facing forward) around the very bottom of the pouch.
It's okay if it passes the bottom curve, because that will help stand them up.
Cut off any excess cardstock in the back or glue it all down.

 STEP 10:  
Add 3 black pearls down the middle for the buttons.
You can also use brads, but if you do,
make sure to add the brads BEFORE you adhere the pouch


R U D O L P H !!!

...had a very shiny nose.

 STEP 1:  
Pull apart a pouch and trace it on kraft cardstock.


 STEP 2:  
Draw in the pouch curves and cut the pouch.
Score the pouch curves and lines.

 STEP 3:  
Punch half circles from the curves of ONE SIDE of the pouch.
Not BOTH sides.
You don't want the enclosure part to have holes.

 STEP 4: 
Add your red line tape and assemble the box.

 STEP 5:  
Cut 1/4" strips of dark brown cardstock.
Something with texture and dimension since they will become antlers.

 STEP 6:  
Punch 2 large corner punches with that same dark brown cardstock.
Cut that large corner punch in half and use the larger corner for assembling.

 STEP 7:  
Adhere those large corner punched halves to the strips.

 STEP 8:  
Adhere the antlers behind the top of the pouch.


 STEP 9:  
Punch 2 leaves out of the same dark brown textured cardstock.
Adhere the leaves ("ears") to the side corners of the pouch.

 STEP 10:  
Adhere black pearls for the eyes.
Adhere a bigger pearl or gem or rhinestone for the nose.
If you don't have red, just color in the pearl or rhinestone with glitter glue.
The more shiny the better!!


Each pouch took 10 easy steps.  They're even cuter in person!!  hehe.

For an extra comment on today's post, pin this project to any one of your PINTEREST boards and tell me you did so.  =)

Thanks for joining me on Day 1 of 25 Days of Christmas.  If this is your first time hearing about this, just click on the links below for more information on how to win some cool prizes.


Read the rules HERE and join the fun!!

Two winners each week...
And 2 Grand Prize winners!!

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