30 Days of Lists

It wasn't until two weeks before September that I heard about www.30DaysofLists.blogspot.com having this event.  Apparently it's very popular and many people join.  I heard about it through Instagram and decided to play along.

The concept is you receive a list that consists of 30 items you need to journal... the journaling is all done in list format.  This is perfect for those people who love to write, or just enjoy making TO-DO lists.

The hardest part was trying to figure out what type of book or pad I'd use for it.  I wanted something super cute and functional.  Not boring.  Not expensive.  Not too small.  After looking through several prep photos on IG (instagram), I had a LIGHTBULB moment and immediately thought about the Mini Smashbook.  It's the book I'd been wanting to get, but really had NO CLUE what I would do with it.  I decided to pay full price at Target (hubby spoils me), and not get it at Michaels with a coupon.  It was only about $7 or $8 anyway; totally worth it.

As you know, I love smashing.  I also love journaling, so this idea was perfect for me.  It was tough to keep up for a few days one week, but for the most part I was pretty diligent.  I tried to incorporate the feel of smashing a layout with this concept, and although some pages turned out cuter than others, I had TONS of fun completing the book and finishing the challenge.  If you follow my Instagram or if you are a member of the Smashaholics FB group, you would've probably caught a glimpse or 2 of the photos I shared there once I was done with each list, but for the sake of everyone's sanity, I am posting this blog to share it with my blog followers also, and to keep a record of my successful challenge completion.  =)

I hear the next one is early 2013, so if you are interested just subscribe to their blog and join the fun.  =)

Enjoy the following photos.

The Mini Smashbook doesn't EXACTLY accommodate 30 days of lists,
but I was able to create 2 page layouts (like the one below),
to not only make my list, but also add a photo and some cute touches here and there.  =)

How cute are those PJs!????

Here's another 2 page layout below.

I had no idea how to cover the page with the bird without it looking weird,
so instead of covering what I felt was ugly,
I decided to make it "pretty" by adding some stickers by Echo Park
and some journaling on either side of the bird's body...
if you zoom in and read, you just might chuckle.  lol

Can you figure out the Boo Boo below???

For list #24 I used a Simple Stories journaling card and was fond of both sides.  
I used washi tape to create a hinge on the outer side 
and was able to add some more lists inside and fill out the card on the back.

Once I was done with list #29, 
I kept looking at it because something seemed just a bit off or weird to me, 
but I couldn't tell what it was.  
At first I thought maybe the colors of the 2 and the 9 blended with the balloon I placed them on, and then I thought the spacing with my alpha's was wrong.  
I stared at this page for long moments at a time and couldn't get what was the problem... 
til I got a comment on IG.  
Can you tell what is wrong?  
I can easily fix it, but I'll keep it that way, because I happen to think it's funny & ironic.

Here's how I filled in this page... it was almost the last page, so I decided to close it out nicely.

Chubby Mini.  =)

I created blog posts for each of the other Smashbooks That I'm working on, and you can find those on my sidebar.  Just click on the photo of the smashbook.  This post will be there also if you care to view it for future reference.

Thanks for stopping by.

x0, Damaris

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