I Mustache (have) A Party!!

Last Tuesday was my husband's birthday.  I hadn't planned on doing anything "special" because I honestly thought he was only turning 34.  [[oops]].  But as I thought about what birthday card I wanted to make him, I came across the Studio 112 clear stamps that I bought earlier in the year.  Immediately I thought how fun it would be to do a surprise party for him with a mustache theme!?  And it turned out, he was actually turning 35.  SCORE!!

I got to making the miniature (3x3) sized invites and gave 1 to my parents and 1 to his parents.  It was going to be a super small party; or so I thought...

The photos below show you how I prepped everything and hopefully it'll give you some ideas to create a simple, fun & cute party for that special guy in your life.

I cut out some banners with my cricut (before I sold it), and told hubby that I was testing out the sizes for Giovanni's 2nd birthday party.  
I needed a reason why I was cutting banners!!  haha.. he visits me in my craftroom everyday and sometimes looks around and asks what I'm working on.  

Don't judge me.

(added some sturdiness to each banner by gluing it to some cardstock)

The letters I used were not cut.  They are Heidi Grace die cut alphas that I purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics a long time ago.  The blue matched the paper, but it didn't really POP enough for me.  So I quickly colored them black with a marker.

As you can see at the top of the "L", the strokes are longer, but they look streaky.
The bottom of the "L" looks neatly colored because I used short strokes in a circle motion.  
Note taken.

The banner was almost done, I just needed some diecuts my friend Jennie had offered to send me, to go in between each pennant.  =)

To create the cupcake toppers I had envisioned, I used 2 stamps both from Studio 112.  A top hat and a mustache.  Thank GOODNESS Jennie sent me tons of extra mustache diecuts because those tiny stamped staches were a B to cut!  lol

After punching, what seemed to be 3921 different punched out combinations, I finally found that square was more masculine and the easiest to use as a base for my cupcake toppers.
The picture below shows the process from left to right.  =)

As a crafter, you know our heads start to think of new and different ideas, so for the week before the party I planned and stamped, and cut and glued and prepared everything that I was going to use to decorate his party.  Jennie helped me out A TON with those cricut mustache diecuts that she sent me.  They arrived the day before his birthday and I was able to finish the banner, add the diecuts to the balloons, make photo props & straw props, put some on the table for decor and there was even more left over to share with some friends.  

[[Can you say HAPPY MAIL!!!?]]

My niece misspelled that ^ ^  lol

Oh Yeah!!... That food was SLAMMIN'!!

And so were the cuppies.  <3

Those mustache props had me laughing all day.  

Dad ^ ^

Mom ^ ^

Thanks for checking in and talk to you soon.

x0, Damaris

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