I Gave Birth To Van Gogh!

Over the weekend the photo below surfaced the pages of my facebook and instagram.  It shows my 22-month old son coloring my IKEA furniture, while I was preparing some blogs.

The first time it happened I thought it was the funniest thing and had myself the biggest tickle-party (in secret so he doesn't think it's okay, of course).  It came out so easily with a baby wipe.  I gave him a scolding and directed him back to the coloring book.  He then started to color my expedit shelf again and this time I felt threatened.  So I took away his crayons and put him in his playpen for a nap.

Later that day as hubby worked out in the garage, (he's getting pumped up - YEAH BUDDY!!), and as I did some printer research online, I heard and felt some tapping behind my chair.  When I looked, it was Giovanni now coloring my pink IKEA chair.  

I quickly grabbed my phone and shared it on facebook (again).  I admit, it was funny.  Hubby and I had a good chuckle as he used GOO Be Gone to barely get it off.

After running a few errands that afernoon (Jo-Ann, Walmart & lunch @ Pollo Tropical - YUM!), we came home to a nap.  After the nap, hubby & Gio came down and joined me on the first floor.  He worked out and Gio played with Daizy and his toys AND HIS CRAYONS AGAIN!!  

This time he went BACK to the same chair and colored it again, and THIS TIME it wasn't as funny.

After another, even stronger scolding, he decided he would stop coloring the chair... after all, there was no more space to color, right?, and went to my closet, other chair and... well, the photos below will show you everything he showed his artwork on.  


In and Outside my closet doors!

I was partly upset that I didn't catch him sooner, and partly laughing inside again.  He ruined my gorgeous PARISIAN storage boxes, and there's no way to find these again.  I guess I can try to clean them, but I'll have to research some products before I do it so I won't make it worse.

I took away his blue crayon and put him in the playpen for a "Time-Out".  I'm starting early on that discipline, LOL... He cried a lil (which is normal) and then was surprisingly quiet for a long time.  When I go to check on him (just moments later), I found that he had snuck a red crayon in the crib with him.  I quickly grabbed my camera and took more photos.  Then proceeded to tell hubby what had happened.

He was FURIOUS with me for leaving him with the red crayon even after I saw him.  I wasn't thinking.  I was more focused on telling the funny story.  So he came over and tried to use more Goo Be Gone to clean it off... no go.  Then I got some clorox-inspired cleaner and sprayed the wall, but hubby is concerned it will bleach the paint and discolor it.  OY!

I rather enjoy his work of art (hehe), so we decided to try to find a huge chalkboard for him.
I think he'll love it and I think it'll be easier to clean off of any surface.
OR, I can just buy the chalk paint and make my own chalkboard.

I know every mom goes through this, so I thought I'd share the photos and story and ask how you dealt with it and how you cleaned it all up.  Thanks in advance for the advice.  =)

x0, Damaris

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