Almost Done Packing...

Hi guys, I thought it would be fun to share with you what I've been doing that's not craft-related... and then share a little craft related photos at the end of this post.

So as you all know (if you follow my blog, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc., lol) I'll be leaving to NY in a day and I've been busy trying to finish all the laundry and pack all my cute new clothes and tidy up the house before we go.  There is still TONS to do on my list, but I figured I'd take 5 minutes to share with you my life today.

This morning I was able to wake up early and take a dip in the pool for 2 hours.  YAY!!  I love swimming and I love tanning.  The fact that I might've been going to NY pale, frightened me.  I'm hardly ever outdoors to have a year-long continual golden tan, but when the Summer months hit I like to roast under the sun and get as black as my skin can take... lol.  I KNOW!! It's bad for you!!  But I do use protection (whatever that's worth!).  hehe...

After the pool the plan WAS to put some laundry to wash, have lunch, pack our swimming gear (because I just found out that we'll be hitting the beach in NY on Saturday, YAY!!), and wash my hair then blow dry and flat iron.  The plans changed after I came to my craft room and began to look through my craft supplies. 

I knew I wanted to bring something to SMASH my photos, tickets and memories into, but I wasn't yet sure if I wanted it to be my Summer Smashbook, an entirely new smashbook (either the black or blue), Amy Tangerine's Daybook, or create my own daybook.  I was so confused.  My Summer Smashbook is so pretty.  The pages look more like layouts and it's so organized and cute.  For me to continue pulling that style off in NY, I'd have to bring 1 suitcase full of supplies - haha.  Wasn't gonna happen.  I then thought I'd use a new smashbook to document my NY trip, except we'll only be there 11 days and I don't know if I'll have enough things to smash an entire book with.  So as I looked through the Amy T. daybook (which I had quickly browsed through it once before), I figured I would have to use that because I was too pressed for time to make my own.  Plus I wasn't sure what papers and elements I wanted to use for it.  So I figured I can buy a newspaper the 1st day and last day and use the headlines to cover the front at back of the daybook, because it's really not as pretty as I'd like it to be, hehe..

I dug out my Tommy Hilfiger purse, the one I paid $28 for (I think) at Ross a month ago or so, and started to gather Smash goodies.  I got some tickets, journal spots, alpha stickers, regular stickers, word stickers, journal words, washi tape, glue, my adorable Hello Kitty Mini Instax 7s and all the film I had left (which would give me for 50 photos - should be enough right??), wood veneers, paper clips, etc.  

I started packing them neatly and was worried it was too much.  NOPE!  It was just enough.  I think I can go 11 days working in a daybook with the supplies I collected.  I've challenged myself to use up each and every piece of supply that I packed, and hopefully by writing this blog I'll be able to have some people keep me accountable of that challenge.  I am still missing my Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher and Scissors (which I'll pack in my bigger suitcase because I'm pretty sure they won't allow that on the plane with me), and then I'll be done with my crafty packing.  I'm so excited.  I was thinking of bringing my orange smashbook anyway, to show them what Smashing is all about and maybe get them interested in it.  I already sent my niece Michelle (the bride) and her little sister (the graduate) some smashbooks and supplies for them to get started on.  So when I go to their house (the 2nd half of our trip), I'll share with them my book so they can get a "feel" for what smashing is about.

The plan is to stay with my brother and his family from Tuesday til Monday in Brooklyn.  The wedding is Sunday.  Then go to my sister's house in Staten Island from Monday to Saturday.  Have time with both sides that live in NY.  My other brother, who lives in Massachusetts, will be staying at my brother's house with us from Friday til Monday; and he'll be coming with my sister in law, my niece and nephew; that I haven't seen since our wedding in 2006!!!  I am so excited!!!   We haven't had our families together in so long and I can't wait to get the party started.  I miss them.  

This was supposed to take me 10 minutes tops and it's taking an hour.  I really must go and continue on with my list.  I hope you guys say a little prayer for us tomorrow, so that there are no problems with the plane, with our luggage or anything.  

Take care and talk to you when I get back.

P.S.  I have scheduled a few blogs to post while I'm gone, so you won't miss me that much; and you probably won't if you follow me via social media.  I love me some INSTAGRAM!!  Find me @LatinD0LL


x0, Damaris

Bon Voyage!!
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