Baby Smashbook

Hi guys.  It's been forever since I blog, huh?  I'm sorry.  I've been all caught up in my crafting.  In spending even more quality time with my family (extended also), and re-organizing my craft room.  It seems every few months I'm doing that.  LOL!

And one of the things that's kept me away from blogging is my rekindled love for smashing.  You all know that the concept for "smashing" was not invented last year by K&Co, but they did bring it back in a new, more fun format.  I love SMASHING!!  I haven't created many pages, but I sure have been buying tons of Smashable items (including the books).  My plan is to own every book and use it for a different subject or topic.... and I'm even considering getting 2 of each book!!  LOL.  I love this style of crafting so much.  It reminds me a little of Project Life, except I'm not forced to document every single thing.  If nothing happens that week, I don't have to take a photo of things and try to force "something" to smash.

Anyway, so today I thought I would share with you the first 3 pages of my Baby Smash book.  I knew I'd be using this book for Giovanni and I knew I wanted it to be fun and silly, so that's why I created the title page as so...

The 2nd page shows how messy he can be.

That Banner stamped card pulls out to reveal journaling behind it.

The 3rd page is my favorite so far.  The colors are bright and the layout is simply adorable!!

I hope you all enjoyed my smash share, and if you want to know more details you can watch the video below.

Thanks for stopping by and talk to you soon!!

x0, Damaris
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