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I purchased my official first K&Co Smashbook (the pink one), some time last year and was under the impression that I had to use one book and separate it into sections to smash different categories.  For example: my book is separated into "*Le Sigh*", "So Cool!", "Just Random.", and "What's New?".  It wasn't until I started to get involved in a Smashaholic group on facebook at the start of the new year, that I realized I can have several smashbooks for several different reasons!

If you are not sure what a Smashbook or Smashing is, just watch this video: SMASHBOOK

So last week I purchased a new smashbook "baby" and will be using that to smash photos of Giovanni.  My plan is to eventually collect all of them and smash my life away!  hehe.  I am also interested in doing "Project Life" next year, but I don't know if I will get busier.  I'd love to do it though.

Anyway, so since I've been purchasing things (like flash cards, bingo cards, washi tape & more), to expand my Smashbook experience and collection, I decided I'd also like to create an area in my craftroom that's dedicated to Smashing!  

The drafting table (which, incidentally, was my 1st craft table ever!), that was sitting in the middle of the room because I had purchased a newer, prettier table at IKEA and moved things around, and that I was undecided if I wanted to sell or keep, is now being used as my smash table.  I had to move my IKEA expedit unit sideways and stand it up (from how I had it before - and I has JUST hurt my last month from moving furniture in here - so I was sure to be careful this time), in order to fit the drafting table.  It was a huge task that took nearly 4 hours.  Why?  Because I started to reorganize and sort through my entire room.  Clean and put things away.  Throw stuff away.  Re-purpose things and move things around to make sure everything is functional and organized.  I'm still not 100% satisfied with the organization.  I still have to organize my spellbinders and my unmounted stamps into a binder... maybe re-organize my closet again and set things up nicely.  I was thinking of doing a 12 x 12 paper giveaway some time this year, so stay tuned for that.  But for now the space is pretty, functional and makes me happy to come in to.

I put my smash-desk, next to my office-desk and will be sharing the chair.

I am able to use that standing IKEA expedit unit from both sides.

The white cubbie below I found at Home Goods yesterday (4/13/12) for $16.99.
I thought it would be great to hold my left over pieces from making layouts and mini albums,
and the top will be holding all my washi tape (once I get some - lol).

This storage container I also found at Home Goods for $4.99 and it comes with divided sections.

The back section holds my photo mounts and random pieces of papers,
like paint strips and product packaging that I think would be great to use in my smashbooks.
The middle sections holds my tags, tabs and flags.
The front section holds my flash cards, regular cards &bingo cards.

This storage unit below I purchased about a year or 2 ago at Michaels and I think I paid $15 with a coupon and a sale going on.  In any case, I got it to store my distress inks, but it wasn't functional.  It was in the corner of my room on top of a jet-max cube and not being used in any important way.  So I dusted it off and brought it over to this area, where I can put it to good use!

In the left back are the stamps that I'll be commonly using for smashing.  In the back right is a door that lifts and there's a plastic baggy inside full of fun random pieces, punch-outs, words, stickers, etc.  There's tons more space for more punch-outs and random things.  On top is a bucket full of my sharpie markers.  I got those markers from Wal-mart in the hopes to learn how to blend and color before I decided to buy any copics and color with them.  Huge mistake because coloring with copics is SO MUCH BETTER!!!  In any case, they were sitting in the packaging on my window sil (next to my copics) and not being used... so I trashed the packaging and brought them out.  I'll surely use them to SMASH!!
The left front side holds a plastic container full of random brads and another container of small flowers that I had forgotten I bought from Kaisercraft.  They came in a plastic bag and was not being used, so I took them out and put them there.  I have tons more brads in those spice jars from IKEA, but I just took out a few to start with.  On the right front of this unit I have my Xyron "create-a-sticker" machine and a Staples container full of different & colorful paper clips in all sizes and shapes.

Inside of the unit I keep pictures, stubs, receipts, etc of what I plan to Smash in the future.   It's fairly empty now, but TRUST ME, it'll get full now that I know I have an area for it!!  =)

[SIDEBAR: I just thought of something!!  Create a smashbook of my craft-related shopping... maybe this way I can see how much I spend on this hobby and cut back a little!!  Hehe.]

This cute "Spring" 2-slot bucket I got last year at a Michaels in Orlando.  I was so bummed that I wasn't able to get any in January 2011 when they came out, but lucked out when I found them while on vacation in May 2011, AND ON CLEARANCE!!  So I paid like $1.54 each, and I think I bought 4!!  Haha.  I altered one of them to use at any future Studio D Boutique jewelry parties, but that kinda never happened and it has kinda died down.... lol.  I've been too lazy (or working on other things), to take photos of my jewelry and post them online.  So they're sitting in a storage unit in my closet.  One day.  ANYWAY, (got way off topic there), in this 2-slot bucket I keep my K&Co smash tape (which are 2 for now), some cute birdie post-it notes I found at Publix, Smash Pads and my Smash date stamp.  I'm still waiting for a similar one by Dear Lizzy to arrive; I can't wait to get it!!

So that's the low-down on my new area.  I love it!!  I can't wait to get some stuff I ordered online last night (washi tape, bingo cards, etc.), and add it to my collection.  Maybe soon I'll show you the other sections of my room... once I have them how I exactly want them.  =)

If you have any suggestions about organizing and functionality, please share your comments with us  all below.  Thanks and talk to you soon!

x0, Damaris
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