Time To Celebrate...

I've had today's card completed since last week, but have been very busy working on other things.

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Today's card is not my style of crafting.  It's very vintage shabby; from the colors to the design.  I don't know how it came out this way, but I still think it's cute.  I started out by matching my copic colors to the paper, which is new by Prima called "Meadow Lark".  I have been saying that I need more purple paper in my life and this pad is full of every shade of purple.  I colored in this digital stamp (which I found on etsy) and was very intimidated to do so because of all the folds in the clothes and all the precise lines that need shadowing... something I'm still working on.

In any case, she came out absolutely adorable and I managed to take a photo (also) of my before and after.  I will be keeping my "before" image in my copic book of errors!  LOL.  I'm just glad I didn't color her completely in before I accepted the fact that it was looking UGLY!!... haha

I like showing you the process I go through making the colors work and adding the right shading.  Maybe I'll continue doing this every once in a while... or at least whenever I make a huge/ugly mistake and have to start over!!  LOL

Thanks for taking out the time to be here.

x0, Damaris


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