Happy Friday!!!

Sure, I can blog about how much shopping I've done in the last month.  How every time I make an Italian dish it gets better and better.  How my craft room is slowly getting to how I want it.  Or how there's just 2 weeks left before we go to Miami for the weekend, take my standard copic certification class, and meet up with my youtube friend Yeya (who incidentally is also taking the same class).  But I much rather talk about this gorgeous card I made last week.

I don't know why it takes me so long to blog about my finished projects.  I guess I get into a groove of making things (a streak - if you will), and the projects just end up piled up for me to take photos and blog about them.  Does this happen to you too?  Or am I the only procrastinator in the house?  **crickets**  lol.

Well, anyway.  What inspired me to make this card was the Melissa Frances paper and birdcages.  I'm not sure if you watch my youtube videos, but I have been adamantly searching for different types of birdcage dies and stamps.  Why?  Because ever since I did that SOG shabby card I am so in love with birdcages now.  Why had I not been this fond of them before?

In any case.  I wanted this card to have a very shabby and vintage feel to it, which is why I incorporated old tickets, distressing and neutral tones.  I really love this card and I hope I can muster up the courage to part with it and give to someone who will cherish it and take care of it forever.  

I hope you are inspired to make something shabby and/or vintage today.  And I hope it makes you smile, like this card does to me.  Thanks for checking in and have a GREAT weekend!!

x0, Damaris


jessica said...

WOW~~ What a beautiful card!! I love the sweet image and all your embellishments! You have such an eye for adding just the right amount of extras!
Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

This card is gorgeous. It look like the little girl is sitting in a swing. Super duper cute.
I think you should keep it and put it up on a bulletin board. I am trying to make one myself to put up the ATC cards and tags I am going to start making. I have entered a couple of swaps and I will put the there.
TFS. Have a good weekend.

Dottie said...

Gorgeous card! I love vintage looks.