Let's Talk Copics!!

Hi bloggers.  It's Wednesday, January 25, and I have been waiting patiently 26 days for my Christmas gift (to myself) to arrive.

I made a purchase on www.CarpeDiemStore.com for new copic markers (just as they were lowered to $4.25, and just as they were about to be raised past $5) on New Year's Eve.  I spent quite a few dollars, but I'm glad that I made the investment because just a few weeks later I found that there would be a Standard Copic Certification class in my area, to which you all know I am registered for.

Anyway, so today I woke up with a spring in my step.  Made Giovanni and myself some pancakes.  Watched a little Yo Gabba Gabba.  Played.  Started on some laundry and as I was just about to start blogging a card, I see the Fed-Ex truck pull up.  I knew it was for me because I had been tracking this purchase for 26 days.  I quickly got up from my seat, took a picture of the lovely truck through my craftroom window (which I facebooked - lol), and sprinted to the door.

A lovely small box awaited me and as soon as I signed the digital gadget, I came quickly to open it up.  It was filled with tons of tiny boxes (as you know if you've ever purchased them online) and color after color, my eyes lit up.  I have never felt this way about a craft product other than the MME Lost & Found collections.  lol.

I wanted to share my current collection (including the 47 that arrived today), and just basically take you through the "happy" process I went through this morning.  hehe...

(click on photos to enlarge)

The photo below shows my chart before it was colored in with the new markers.

This photo shows the chart after being colored in.

This is where I currently keep my markers.  As you can see it's mostly filled up and if I want to get 200+ more copics I will have to find more storage.  The bad news is that there Magpie Storage Cubbies are discontinued, so there is no way I can purchase these again; unless I want to pay $140 (I found a site online that sold it for THAT MUCH!!).  I can always get foam board and make my own, but I happen to think those are not too sturdy.  I'd love to run into someone who has some of the other cubbies that was being sold online by some company (that is also discontinued), but I don't think anyone would be willing to sell them. 

So I found another company that sells them.  OrganizeMore.  They have a similar looking white cubbie and even though the price is a little steep for me, I am willing to work my tushy off to raise the money to get at least 2 of them.  This way I can put away my Magpie unit for what I purchased it for (the tins that carry my brads and buttons), and use those other ones for copics. 

I've included a link with the photo that will take you to where you can buy these cubbies, incase you are interested in getting them.  I know a lot of you might already know about it, but some may not.  Just click on the picture or visit www.OrganizeMore.etsy.com.

Anyway, so I hope this helped anyone interested in purchasing copic markers.  This is one item that's definitely staying on my wish list... especially because they keep coming out with new colors each year.  =)

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon for a few project shares.

x0, Damaris


kim.scrapper said...

Wow, I bet you were stalking that UPS driver, so happy for you. I just love your coloring and when I grow up, I want to color just like you....lol

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

The fedex guy probably thought you were stalking him. I love Kim.scrapper's comment.
Those little organizers are super cute. I have the one you have with the tins. I do not have one copic and I hope that I do not want to get any. I just don't see myself coloring. I did it or so many years, but who knows. I thought I would never buy beads not make stick pins and I have a ton of them.
Have fun coloring with your new markers.