So as you all know I am super duper UBER into card-making lately... and although there are different ways of creating cards, the one style that I seem to always be "leaning" toward involves using copic markers.

I first learned about copics last year by browsing videos and watching people use them.  I instantly fell in love with the idea of it.  As a kid I always loved coloring and had tons of coloring books.  Since my sister was about 10 years older than I was, she was able to teach me how to color and how to shade, etc with crayons.  Now crayons or colors pencils, we know, cannot produce the same type of shading as copic markers can, but it got the job done for a 5 year old.

Now that I'm a little [ahem] older *lol*, and found this wonderful world of coloring (all over again), I'm seeing how quickly obsessed I'm becoming.  Everyday I either color an image, buy a digital stamp, make a card with an image or buy a new copic marker... lol.  So, being that I told myself that I would take my skills to the next level, one of my resolutions was to take a copic marker class.

The end of last year I did take a class at my LSS and LOVED IT!!  It was only $15 and 1 hour, but after the class I understood more about blending and coloring and since then (I think) I got a little better.


So, the news that I want to SHOUT FROM EVERY ROOFTOP is that I just applied for the STANDARD COPIC CERTIFICATION CLASS in Miami and got accepted within the hour.  So you are looking at (figuratively speaking), the newest copic marker student for the February 2012 graduating class.  LOL!!  Can you tell I'm excited?!

I'm about a month early, but I believe I was the 130th person to apply for that class and if I waited another month I probably would not have gotten in.  It's close to home and my husband has decided to make it a weekend event.  We're going to drive down Friday and stay til Sunday.  That just makes the idea of it even better!!!!  YAY!!

Anyway, let me go.  It's late and Giovanni needs his bath before bed.  I just wanted to share that news with you before I started my day tomorrow.  Because I do my best blogging at night.

Thanks for all the great comments on my projects and cards.  I keep getting asked to show how I color with copics and I honestly feel really silly at the idea of recording a video of myself coloring when I just started just about 8 months ago.  After my class, I think I'll feel a little more secure about it.  hehe.

Je t'adore.

x0, Damaris

P.S.  Tomorrow I'll have a new card for you.

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