They said "NO".

As you know I am a very open person when it comes to my personal life and things of the sort.  I try to share with you everything I'm thinking and feeling (whether it's here, twitter, facebook or youtube), just so you can feel comfortable and know that I'm genuine.

Last week (Thursday to be exact) I created a card specifically for the purpose of entering it to be on a design team.  This was my 2nd time entering a DT and the 2nd time that I was not accepted (they rejected me in a very nice way though).  The reason I'm showing you the card now is because we were required to create a never-before-seen project and email a photo of it.  I don't care to share what DT it was (just because I might want to try again next year), but I will say that I kind of knew I wouldn't get chosen, but I was still willing to try.  

One of the questions they asked was "Have you ever been on a DT before?  If so, list them".  This made me feel so inadequate.  LOL.  If companies and brands go by your DT experience and choose you based on that, then how else is a person supposed to ever get chosen to be on a DT in the first place???  It kind of feels like an ongoing cycle. 

None-the-less, this does not mean that I am defeated or disappointed.  The complete opposite!  I actually feel challenged.  If at my "best" they did not deem it good enough to join their team, then I will make it my priority to get better at my craft, take classes, get certified and do everything I can to push myself to a higher level.  I want to get so good that I get asked to join DTs and it's not me having to continually try to prove myself. 

(click photos to enlarge)

With that said, I want to share the card I entered as my "never-before-seen" project.  I hope you like it and I hope it inspires you to also push forward and get better at what you love to do.  It doesn't have to be paper crafts, it can be anything.  Singing.  Writing.  Etc.  Don't let discouragement weigh heavy on you.  If you have the desire, nothing can stop you!!

And by the way, one of my cards was chosen [again] by SOG to be listed as top 3 BEST PROJECTS OF LAST WEEK, 2 weeks in a row.  That feels amazing!! 

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope to have more fun projects for you next week.

x0, Damaris

I am entering this card into

        Week 10 of SOG's "BEST PROJECT OF LAST WEEK". 


        The Paper Variety's "ANYTHING GOES" challenge.


Dottie said...

Beautiful card, Damaris. Your attitude inspires me to continue writing. I love crafting, but my desire is my writing.

jessica said...

I think your card is FABULOUS as with all the cards to create! Any DT would be silly not to chose you for their team! Your work is beautiful.
Congrats to be a winner last week again on The Odd Girl! Keep up the great work!

kim.scrapper said...

Damaris, I think the most important thing is that you feel your work is the best you can be. I think I speak for many when I say your work is amamzing! I have found that most design teams are not interested in the "little people", it is sad because everyone has to start somewhere. Any design team should be honored to have you on their team...their loss, our gain, Hugz

Traci said...

Hello D, I want you to know that I think this card is FABULOUS! I love your creations & for being genuine you are one of the most! Keep up the STUNNING work you do & just know that you inspire me. Thank you for always sharing your thoughts & creations with us. ;0) xo

sarajean said...

Damaris,I think you are one of the most talented that I have ever watched and followed.It saddends me to know that they are truelly missing out on one of the best.I already think your the best so I dont know how your going to get any better!Its there loss.Keep up your great and inspiring work and congrats on your winning on the Odd girl.UUGGHHH I am upset that they upset you..But anywayz I love this card.

Sonia said...

I love your card! You are not the only one who tried out and "they said no". We are goin thru the same thing, like you though not defeated just challenged! We'll be challenged together! I love your work, keep going girl it's awesome! - Sonia

Sandi said...

I think your card is assured that all of us have received far many more rejections from DTs than invites. Hang in there and sooner of later you will find our perfect fit. Thank you for sharing your project with us this week at The Paper Variety.

Nicole said...

Your card is beautiful! Love your choice of blue and adore the flower clusters!!! Thank you for playing along with us this week at The Paper Variety!

Sharon said...

Damaris, I think your card is beautiful. If you ask me, I think it's their loss by not getting you into their DT. I love your cards and they would be lucky to have you whoever they are. Congrats on the SOG pick :)

Terrie said...

Damaris I love this card girl you are one of my favorite card makers for sure hugs Terrie

DIANA L. said...

I think your card is beautiful and they would have done well to pick you.