Table Scrap Cards - Day 6

Can you believe there's only one more day left of table scraps and yet I still have tons more scraps left over???  LOL ... I am FOR SURE not going to start a new series, so don't expect that "surprise" in tomorrow's blog post... lol. 

Okay, so this card was weird in the making.  There was a card "challenge" layout that I briefly saw a week ago and I could not figure out where I saw it; if it was on twitter, facebook, pinterest, blog, etc., (I wanted to also show a photo of the challenge and give credit to the designer, but I couldn't remember where.  What I did remember was the card layout and decided to do my own rendition of it.  By the way, if this layout looks familiar to you please let me know where you saw it because I'd like to come back and edit this blog to give credit where it's due.  Plus, I won't be able to get it out my head.. lol

Anyway, just a bunch of punched circles, WOC flowers and bling.  Easy!

You might have seen this image in the video of my husband's card-making skills that I shared a few posts back and on youtube.  It was so funny and so catchy that I received many messages, comments and emails about how the horn was stuck in their head for days!!  

And just incase you want to see it again, I've added it below.  LOL.

x0, Damaris

I FOUND IT!!!  I found where I got the layout from... Thank God because that was gonna drive me nuts!!  lol

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