Table Scrap Cards - Day 5

Are you guys having just as much fun seeing these table scrap cards??  I think I'm having more fun making them because there's no pressure on me to actually make them (even though there is... lol).

This digital image is so adorable!  It's called "Winter Birdy" and it's by Spesch Designer Stamps.  I'm so glad I was able to google search it for you, because I had forgotten for a second where I got it from.

It was so easy to color (because there's hardly anything to color).  The funny thing is I wasn't sure if this was a girl or a boy, so I decided to make the card gender neutral.  Isn't that funny???  I happen to think it's a girl, because what boy would be playing with a bird??  Instead he'd be throwing rocks or snow at it!!  Haha!!  Anyway, in any case if it is a girl, she's rocking that cute blue outfit. =)

Thanks for stopping by, and if you want to purchase the digi you can click on the above links.

x0, Damaris
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