30 Days of Christmas - Day 23

Ladies, we're 1 day away from dressing up, cooking all day, eating all day and watching the Macy's Parade.  

What's your specialty when it comes to Thanksgiving meals?  Me?  I have never cooked for Thanksgiving... at least not the entire meal (or even 25% of it, lol).  The most I've made is a pie or some side dish.  This year we're having a quiet Thanksgiving with my parents (just us 4 with Gio and the 2 dogs), and I plan to make green bean casserole for the first time.  Whenever I have some (no matter whose made it) I always love it.  Mom is happy that I'm bringing that because she loves it too.  My husband (Axel) is bringing a delish spinach/artichoke dip (his specialty) and maybe we'll pick up a pie.  There really is no need for the pie because dad is making his special cheese cake.  YUM!!

I'll be honest and say that I probably won't even dress up nice.  I'll definitely wear something comfy incase hubby changes his mind about Black Friday.  This year he doesn't want to go, so I'm a little bummed about it.  Our 5th anniversary lands on Friday and as far as I know there is nothing planned.  I really don't expect any surprises, so it just might be a quiet Thanksgiving and anniversary... lol.

Enough blah.

We're on Day 23 of 30 Days of Christmas and with just one week left, I wanted to incorporate things I've learned this year, things I've received this year in RAKs or swaps, and new crafting styles that I've come to like/love.  

This card is very vintage'y.  Before April I had no idea dress forms were all the rave.  I remember back in January seeing these gorgeous pink dress forms at Michaels (for what I know now is dirt cheap), and I never thought to get it.  I was so attracted to it and every time I went to Mike's I picked it up and admired it.  So pretty.  Even when they were on sale for 50% off I didn't think to get it.  I desired to have it, but didn't really know if paying $8-$10 for some random iron decor that didn't really fit my style (at the time) was a smart investment.  Every few weeks I think about that dress form and one day I'll find it on eBay and get it.

In the mean time I find myself getting everything dress form that my eyes land on.  I love the style of it.  And I knew I wanted to incorporate that into a Christmas card, but I wasn't sure how.  As I cleaned my desk (which seems to be the moment when the light bulbs go off - lol) I remembered I had Printery paper from Prima and thought how it would make a nice vintage card.  So I pulled it out and got to work.

(click on photos to enlarge)

It was the perfect setting for a Parisianesque (I make up words all the time) card, and at first I had an eiffel tower Christmas stamp (that came out this year), but it didn't go... so I changed the layout (as I always do) and the perfect Christmas/Vintage/Dressform card was born!


[I'm starving]

So, yeah.  No brainer.  Everything you see you can kind of figure out what it is, but I will provide a list of supplies below.  

Thanks for spending your time checking this blog and stay tuned for the last 7 cards.  My goal is to WOW you!!  hehe.

P.S.  In case you don't log on tomorrow, I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  In honor of this special day, I'd like to give you the opportunity to have more entries for today's blog.  Just write what you are grateful for this year.  You can write one thing for each comment and have 87 comments, but only leave your email once.  I'll know who it is.. .hehe.  This comment section will be open infinitely until Nov. 30, so come back and comment if you think of something else you're grateful for.  It helps shuffle your replies too!! hehe... This should be fun.  Can't wait to read all your replies.

Here's the top 5 things I'm grateful for.

1.  My health & life.
2.  My husband, son and Daizy (puppy).
3.  My parents who live in Florida near us, cuz if it weren't for them I'd really feel lonely.
4.  The fact that I got to see and spend time with all my siblings this year.
5.  The new scrappy friends I've made.  You guys are dear to me and I appreciate your friendship.

Now go prep that turkey!!

x0, Damaris

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* Michaels black card & envelope
* Prima "Printery" paper pad
* Recollections cardstock
* Jenni Bowlin stick pins
* Tim Holtz dress form die
* Black acrylic paint
* WOC flowers
* Recollections flowers
* Handmade black flower by my twitter bestie Laura
* Fiskars "Christmas" stamp set
* Stampin Up large oval punch
* Fiskars estate punch
* Flower from Yeya.
* Brown pleated trim from Sharon.
* Brown stretchy trim from Etsy
* Cameo button
* Flat back pearls from Ana
* Crochet off white trim
* Doily
* Distress ink - vintage photo
* Distress tool
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