30 Days of Christmas - Day 18

Well it's happened bloggers... the unexpected.  This is the last card I have made.

[begin rant]

Before I began this series I already had 8 cards to share, so I was ahead of the game.  As of now, I have no more.  It's literally 2:13am on Friday morning and instead of being the normal 30+ year old and going to see "Breaking Dawn" at midnight, I'm up working on last minute To-Dos for my very first jewelry party.  

I'm not sure if many of you know that I design jewelry.  It's something that just sorta happened the end of January / beginning of February this year.  I wanted to learn how to make a charm for a mini album and the rest is history... lol.  So Saturday I have a Studio D. jewelry party scheduled and for the past 3 days I have been making new jewelry, preparing display pieces and altering mirrors.  The great part of all this is that it has inspired me to bedazzle the heck out of everything (bling on a roll) and everything is so sparkly and pretty.  It's all black, white and pink.  My husband and I were able to create business cards (which are fantabulicious), but I've had NO TIME for card crafting... plus I've had no Christmas card craft mojo.  Maybe because I haven't been listening to Christmas music on Pandora.  

So as I write this with a semi-frown (excited about Saturday, but sad about no more cards), I am listening to some Christmas music and it's giving me a little boost of spirit to get back into the groove of things.  I can't disappoint my blog followers. You all have been so sweet and funny with your comments.  (And let me take this time to say that I read each and every one of them.  *grin*)  But most of all, I don't want to disappoint myself.  I've been known to start projects and not [entirely] finish them.

So now that I've shared all my honesty and stress with you, I feel a weight lifted.  It's as if you sat there and let me vent... always makes people feel good right?  

[sidebar: i will be sharing all those things I've prepared this week for you to see in a later post / video - so stay tuned]

[end rant]

Whose excited about seeing some Christmas cards?  After all that drama (see above rant if you skipped it - lol), I'm ready to show you the card and make more!!  Even if it means I don't sleep tonight.

Day 18 of 30 Days of Christmas brings us a warm and fuzzy card.  It's not bright and bubbly like the cards I've mostly done in the last 3 weeks, but it's still fun and cheerful.  Mom loved this card, but she didn't love the Lily image... she said she didn't like the hair and she wanted me to change the image to Christmas Tree Betty (the one you saw 2 days ago).

Anyway.  It was quick to make this card for me.  So I hope you enjoy it.

(click photos to enlarge)

I apologize for all the babble.  I could easily delete it, but I do want you to be in on what's happening with my personal life (isn't that the core purpose of blogging?)... plus it was pretty funny.  hehe.

Talk to you tomorrow! 

x0, Damaris

P.S.  I made this card a week ago and forgot what I used, so I will try my best to remember it all.

P.S.S.  For those of you asking about supplies (like stamps), I always give you a full list of what I use on each card, below the SANTA'S BLOG CANDY rules.

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* Jo-Ann red card & envelope
* BoBunny "Blitzen" 6x6 paper
* PCS digital stamp - Lily Hot Cocoa
* MME - 12 Days of Christmas clear stamp set (sentiment)
* Recollections cardstock
* Distress inks - the green one, the blue one, the brown one, and the red one (lol) - can't think, it's almost 3am!!
* Versafine black ink
* Music bg stamp
* Flowers: IAR & WOC
* Copic markers
* Clear embossing powder
* MS Holly punch
* MS Leafy vine border punch (or something like that - lol)
* Recollections red pearls


jessica said...

I love reading rants....they make me feel like I am not the only one that has those days :)
But I am so super excited about hearing all about your upcoming jewerly party. I know it will be fabulous!! All that hard work will pay off.
I am loving this card today as with all your cards!
I think the image is adorable...your coloring fabulous and the added flowers beautiful!
Thanks for sharing another great card and have a great Friday!!

Dottie said...

my goodness you stay busy! Jewelry, card making, husband and adorable little boy. I am in awe of all you do, girl! I'm looking forward to at least seeing the jewelry and more cards. I admire your talent. Such a cute card today, I love all the detail. And oh, by the way, rant away. It helps you and I can commiserate a little.

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

I think rant is what awesome. I like how Jessica put it, we all have those days. I am sure you are tired, between baby, house chores, your husband, crafting and jewelry making who would not go nuts. And if course at some point lose your mojo. I know I would. I have no babies, only the dog and my husband and house chores and I go nuts at times. Plus I lose my mojo often, so I go to something else. OK, now I will stop rambling.
This card is super duper duper cue. I love the little girl. She reminds me of the little eskimos I paper pieced 2 years ago. Love the background paper matching her outfit. And love the music note paper you incorporated. Super cute. Your cards are becoming harder and harder to chose from.
TFs your personal life and crafting life with us.

sarajean said...

Girl I know what you mean by not finishing what you start,you inspire me more and more everyday.you are such a great person and I know your family is so lucky to have you in there lives.i love listening to you rant because it's good to let it out instead of keeping it all in.everybody needs somebody to talk to and listen.oh yeah I think this card is cute!!! Thanks for sharing girl.p.s I will be here if you need to talk,laugh,cry or even show gio in pics or vids,lol

kim.scrapper said...

Damaris, you can rant to me anyday. Listen, sometimes life gets in the way of our crafting. I have really enjoyed seeing all these wonderful cards and this one is no exception, your coloring is awesome, I need to take some lessons. Good luck tmrw, Hugz

Sonia said...

Thanks for sharing your card! I loved reading your rant, sometimes it helps just to get it out of your head and on "paper". Have fun thinking up new cards for us! Thanks for doing this it's been fun so far :) Sonia

Sharon said...

Loved the rant! Girl you've been busy, and if this is what you create with no time, girl, you can do it all!! It's an awesome card!

crafty jo said...

cute great card again and i hope the party went well hugs joanne


Darla said...

Okay this totally sounds like me!! I always have all the best intentions and plans but then procrastinate or don't allow for the unexpected and end up not finishing. I'm pulling for you to finish this for the "me's" of the world.... Even if it means day 30 gets posted in March. LOL

Hopelynn said...

so nice.♥ it! hugs Hopelynn

AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Hi was good to hear you vent and find a beautiful surprise in the end. Hope to see the jewelry you made in the next post or two.