TGIF Lovers!!

I wanted to share with you a great deal I found on eBay.  As you know, filling up balloons individually at Party City or any local party shop is expensive.  Buying a helium tank is also expensive.  So there are FREE COUPONS out there to be had!!!  The fee is minimal compared to what they are worth.  They work because I already got 2 of my helium tanks for free at Party City this week.  Yes, I paid a small fee (for the coupons), but I was able to save tons of cash!!!

No purchase is necessary.  What I paid was 1 penny.  I don't know why they charged me 1 penny, but that's all I paid.  Great deal huh?!
The link is below if you are interested in purchasing these coupons for your next party or just to have for an upcoming event.  Hope you enjoy.

Have a great weekend and I will talk to you soon!!

x0, Damaris

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