Minnie Mouse - 1st Birthday Card

Hello Lovers.  It's Tuesday and I woke up bright and early, even though I was up very late watching the bidding on this great deal for free 5 helium tanks.  I hope I don't find that coupon later on somewhere and regret paying what I paid.  Oy!

On Saturday we went to a Minnie Mouse theme birthday party for Giovanni's "God-Sister".  I say "God-sis" because her and Gio have the same God-parents... hehe.  It just happened that way I guess.  They are 1 month apart and it's funny how both party themes are Mouse related.  Hehe. 

Before I share photos of the party, I wanted to show the card I made for Sophia.  Since I had the Mickey Font cartridge and had been working on Gio's party, I figured I'd take a stab at making a Minnie card.  Can I just say (with no shame) that it took me about 10 minutes to figure out that there are no "face", "tongue" or "background" keys on the cricut keypad!!!  LOL.  I was so upset.  That's what happens when you go to bed late and wake up in a rush to make a quick card.  

[sidebar] : A "rush" because we had an appointment to meet with Maylene.  Maylene is a very talented woman who lives in our area - thank GOD!!, and makes gorgeous cakes!!  We consulted with her to make Giovanni's Baby Shower cake and it came so beautiful & tasty (red velvet).  While I was surfing the net looking for a Mickey Mouse cake I came across one that was perfect for the party I had in mind.  I clicked on the photo and it ended up being Maylene's cake!!  Haha!!  I was going to save it and show it to her (because she can replicate anything), but I didn't need to!!  Anyway, I'm very excited to see this cake in person and hopefully it won't fall apart with the heat we've been having in Florida lately.  It's an outdoor party and there's a lot of setting up that's gotta be done.  Oy!

Back to the topic:  So the card took less than an hour and it came out so cute!!  The double-sided pattern paper I used is by LUXE - Sugar Cookie - Gretel.  The polka-dots side had the perfect shade of pink and the perfect size dot. 

My husband helped cutting out the "1" and peeling off the tiny Minnie pieces.  He's been very into the cricut lately (because of his help with Gio's party) and now thinks HE wants to get the Cricut Imagine.  Imagine that?  lol. 

Anyway, enough babble.  I hope you enjoyed the card.  And as always, all comments are welcome.

x0, Damaris

(click on photos to enlarge)

Giovanni is the one in green.
The lady holding him is not me.  LOL.

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