Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wood Post

Hi again (for the 8th time today) lol... I wanted to share with you how I made this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sign to hammer it into the ground right next to the pavilion at the party.

The photos are self-explanatory, but I will include details JUST INCASE there are any possible questions.  

I hope you are inspired and create something similar for your little one's first birthday.  If so, please share the link below.  I'd love to see what you come up with!!

So here's the sketch I made with some color pencils.  I knew what colors I wanted to use, but I couldn't mentally see which way I liked it better, so I had to draw it out and compare it.  My husband and I both chose the 1st one.  Easy so far, huh?  lol.

(click photos to enlarge)

To get the MICKEY FONT letters exactly the same on the wood as I did on the banner,
I had to cricut out the word "CLUBHOUSE" and use the negative paper
(the side without the letter) and trace it onto the wood block with pencil,
then go over it again with a red coloring pencil and erase the pencil marks. 
Why?, because pencil shows through this particular red paint.
I learned that early on in another project.

As you can see the "O" is missing, because I wanted to add a Mickey head in that spot.

I asked my husband to take a photo of me painting the wood block
and what he did was take a picture of all the mess I had on my desk!  LOL.

The arrow was drawn freehand (there was no template, punch or cartridge in stock for it),
and it took me tons of erasing and carving to get it just right!  

This post is not completely done. 
I still have to nail the front sign to the base post
(which is something my husband has to do ASAP!)...
I want it at an angle, (facing up) being that the sign is short and the pavilion is tall. 
Plus it kinda looks quirky and fun, as if a kid made it!  hehe.

The Mickey head was cut at 2" with the Mickey Font cartridge,
painted with Folk Art Metallic Sequin Black acrylic paint
and propped up on some dimensionals
to stand out (above) the rest of the wood painted letters. 
It's very cute in person!

I'll update this blog again when I have party pictures showing where I put the post.
Thanks for stopping by.


x0, Damaris

UPDATE: March 7, 2013.  I was contacted by The Petite Soiree last month with a lawsuit threat if I don't share that where this idea came from.  I had no clue where it came from when I made it and when I blogged/vlogged it.  I just saw a photo on Google and didn't bother to research where it came from.  I didn't know it would be such a big deal.  And I certainly didn't know they sold this product.  Anywayz, thought I'd let you know.  You can google search their website, because for some reason the link to their website is not active or doesn't open on my laptop, cell phone, husband's cell phone, PC or mom's laptop.  Go figure.


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Perfect Tresses said...

Where did you purchase the wood planks?

Perfect Tresses said...

Where did you purchase the wood planks?