DIY Balloon Weights [$2.00]

Hello Lovers!!  This blog post comes with a warning.  I was up til 4am last night finishing up some invitations and other Mickey party things, so there might be spelling errors, babble and nonsense.  Skip through that and just read what makes sense to you!  LOL.

I'm finally feeling a little bit of stress relief because the invites are ALL DONE and ready to deliver.  The ones I had to mail have already been shipped and the goal is for everyone to receive it by Saturday.  The rest on Sunday and by Sunday evening I should have a blog post (and all social media photos) updated with the outcome.  It was not my original design, but I took what I saw and did some tweaking to make it my own.  I LOVE THEM!!  And I hope they keep it forever.  

While working on the last 9 invitations, I started to look around for what else needed completing or altering and came across something I forgot I gave myself to do.  Mentally I have things all prepared, but as a backup I do keep files on my blackberry to keep me sane.  Anyway, I knew (because of the 5 possible helium tanks we're getting) that I would need some balloon weights, but I was not happy with paying up to $3.00 each for them.  So as I browsed through the Dollar Tree to think of what I can use for the party, I looked for something heavy that I can alter into a balloon weight.  Then I saw a 4 pack of bubbles.  A light bulb went off and I quickly went to the wrapping section.  Found red/silver foil wrap and after an hour of altering I created the perfect $2.00 for 4 balloon weights.  Hehe, I love being able to save money.  Even if it means I have to spend time making it myself.

Well, the process was fairly easy, but after I wrapped 2 of them I realized I was going to need a system for holding the balloon strings down without it wrapping around the black ribbon.  So I first thought of metal rings, the kind you use for key chains and mini albums.  But I didn't wanna use such a huge ring.   Then I though of the Tim Holtz stick pins, but I didn't want to use my pins for that.  Because after the party, they just might get stored and not used again for a while (or at all).  Plus, how will a tiny pin stick stand straight on the top of a bubble bottle cap?

Well, then I had a stroke of GENIUS at 2:21am.  Paper Clips!!  Not the swirl kind that we unravel to make into shapes while bored at work.  No, the other kind, that folds back on both sides and opens by pressing.  I had to use 2 small ones on the first 2 bottles I wrapped because there was no space for the larger ones I wanted to use.  But I did learn my lesson and the last 2 bottles were wrapped perfectly!!

(click on photos to enlarge)

Everything is pretty much common sense if you've ever used a hot glue gun, but I will say that it's important to make sure the shorter sides of the wrapping are glued to the base first.  This will ensure your longer pieces cover any possible "flaws". 

I just wanted to share this idea with you guys.  I didn't google, pinterest or youtube any balloon weight ideas, so if it's out there I'm not aware.  But if you are curious to see better what I did, you can watch the video below.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back in a few days (and weeks to come) for more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party fun ideas.  

x0, Damaris

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