70% Off Recollections!!

Happy Friday!! 

So let's get right to it.  I don't normally blog about shopping, coupons or sales (I leave that for my vlogs), but I could not help but feel excited about this purchase.  

As you know, I love to save $$, use coupons, shop sales and I LOVE CRAFTS!!  So when I read a tweet last night about Recollections being 50% off at Michael's I nearly did a back flip.  (I said "nearly", I can barely get one leg up these days - I'm so out of shape!)

Anyway, so I decided if I REALLY wanted to get all the "new" Recollections flowers & bling that came out a few weeks/months ago I better go find a coupon that will get me more savings on top of the 50%.  You know those, the kind that say "20% off your total purchase, including sale items".  Well, guess what?????   OMG!!  I could not believe that for 6 hours, today only, there was that exact coupon deal going on.  Isn't GOOGLE awesome??  I love the internet!!  Anyway, so I got ready, got my hair did (which only means that I got a $5 shampoo at The Hair Cuttery), went to Publix for some BOGO action (which you know I love me my BOGO!!) and then it was MICHAEL'S!!! (cue angelic harp music)

I walked around and was shocked to see more new cool things at the "$1.00" bin.  (I quote it because now the $1.00 bin is $1.50 and up).  Anyway, so GUESS WHAT THEY BROUGHT BACK!?!?!  The freaken small wooden alterable boxes that everyone raved about early in the year and that sold out in a month!!  AYE DIOS MIO!!!  Well, being that my cart was stuffed with 70% OFF RECOLLECTIONS goodies, I decided I'd only get 1 of those small boxes and pray all week that there will be some left.  Cause ya'll people be getting greedy; I'm sayin' though!!  (sorry, NY GHETTO came out).

Anyway.  I thought I'd NOT ONLY share a few pix of what I bought, but ALSO hook you up with the LINK to the coupon.  (Because it's kinda tricky finding that sucker, they make you work for it!!  LOL.)  You have just about 3 hours left to jump on this sale.  So ladies, STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER... take your purse and drive to your local MICHAEL'S (cue angelic harp music - again) and grab these Recollections goodies for 70% off.  You can come back and thank me later!!   Hehe.


Have a great weekend and talk to you soon!!
x0, Damaris

And P.S., I saved a total of $90!!!  HOLLERZZZ!!

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