Parisian Chocolate Box & Card

Hi Loves.  

I believe that setting priorities (laundry, family time, prayer, bible study, etc.) is important to maintain a balance in life.  But the best part of all that is when we make time for fun.  For me, fun means crafting, shopping (for crafts), blogging & vlogging.  Today, I was all caught up with chores (because I have a terrific husband who helps me immensely and who took some of his vacation time to assist in much needed housework), so I decided to catch up on my blogging, vlogging, photo-taking and more. 

I was involved in a chocolate box swap on A Little Scrap Of Heaven hosted by a lovely lady named Geordie from Australia, which consisted of purchasing a box of yummy chocolates (tough job, eh?), emptying it out (even tougher) and using the box as a host for craft goodies.  The person receiving did not know who was the sender, and so the task was to decorate the box in a vintage style using any colors you wanted.  Lately I have been very into Parisian things (decor, crafts, art, etc., - those of you who follow me on facebook know) and I decided that this would be the best theme to use.  I was very nervous at first because this was my first time altering a box (I've done frames and smaller boxes as  you've seen), but I was able to get past the intimidation (especially since the girl I had to send it to is kind of a guru on youtube and is part of a very popular design team).  I wanted it to be extra beautiful and tres glam. 

I used Parisian Anthology paper by Pink Paislee and House of 3, and distressed it.  Added some trim, splashes of several pinks and tons of bling and flowers.  Inside I added tons of goodies for her to use (most of which were charms) and the box was completed the same day I started.  Impressive for me!!  Once I was done with the box, I thought to make a matching card.  I was just going to include a quick note, but I was so inspired by the colors and style that I just had to make it match the box.

Anyway, I have a video that shows the box in action along with the photos of this blog, so if you are interested please click the link below.

I hope you enjoy this post and are inspired to make your own Parisian-style box.

Be blessed.
x0, Damaris
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gobeagirl said...

Oh Damaris. I love this card. I just got some similair papers in the mail yesterday! Do you mind if I case this card. OMWord, it is just sooo pretty. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today. I just love coming home to my family and then to my blog and all the wonderfulness that is blog land. lol.. Hugs, Lisa G