Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to make Mickey Mouse Treat Goodie Bags

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I wanted to share how I made these Mickey Mouse treat bags for my son's 1st birthday party.  The theme is obviously Mickey and I figured I can save money to get a really nice cake and to have good food by making a few of the paper items that I will incorporate.

You will need the following:
1 pack of small black paper bags (at Michael's for less than $4 for 16).
2" circle punch.
1 3/8" oval punch.
Any kind of glue or adhesive.
White, Black and Red cardstock.

To begin you punch out 2 oval shapes out of the white cardstock, and 2 circle shapes out of the black cardstock.

Starting with the bag fold facing down, adhere the red cardstock (measured and cut down to 2 1/2 by 3 1/2) down to the very bottom of the black treat bag.

The reason the fold faces down is because when it is opened you want the red "Mickey pants" to face the outside of the bag.

Glue the 2 white oval shapes onto the red cardstock at the bottom leaving 1/2 inch on the outer edges to make sure you have an exact alignment.

The 2 black circles will either go high up on the edge of the bag or a bit toward the middle.  It all depends on how you like it better.  Be careful not to glue the entire half of the circle as a portion of it sticks out from the bag and will not need adhesive.

Once you're done, you will have 16 treat bags that cost you less than $5 (given you already have most of these items in your craft room), and everyone gets to go home with something personalized.

If you want, you can add a tag or something to add your child's name to the bag.  Being that these bags were created to be used with the Candy Buffet that I will have, I won't need to personalize it.  I am also making Mickey Chocolate Pops which will have a "Thank you" tag wrapped around it.

Stay tuned for other Mickey Mouse Birthday inspired projects as I take advantage of the next few months to prepare for the party.

If you would like to see this project done live, I have recorded a video on YouTube that can help you along and better explain the process.  Don't forget to pause the music player.

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