My 1st Five Copics

So, as you might know I have been really wanting copic markers. I think they seem so fun to use and look great being used with cute stamps. I knew I was going to get them, but thought I had to wait a few months before my income tax check came in to get at least 50-75 markers.

Well, one day as I shopped at a local scrapbook store I was tempted to get the one that's always sold out on I paid $5.95 for E000 and had no regrets in doing so. (The website sells them for $4.13 with free shipping after $50).

Anyway, as my husband and I celebrated Valentine's Day this past Saturday (2/12) he mentioned that he wanted to get me 2 or 3 copic markers to get me started on being able to color in at least a face on the stamped image... Sunday after church we headed straight to my LSS and I picked out anything I wanted. I got 4 copics and a stippling brush because I recently saw a very cute technique by Sharon "SMSCRAPPER" on youtube and wanted to try it out also.

I didn't go crazy, just got those 5 things. I can't wait to get my check to really go crazy. I have to get the markers and also the white storage cubes that were created for them. Once that's all purchased and my room is organized (closet, curtains, etc.), I will surely record an updated scrapbook room video. Since I moved to a 3 story townhouse in April, planned a shower for September, had a baby in October, decorated the house for Christmas and finally got Giovanni on a feeding & sleeping schedule, I have not had time to really organize my room the way it should be and to record a video. Hopefully by the early spring I can get all this done.

Above is the photo of my first 5 copic markers taken from the 2nd window of my scraproom to get a clear photo. I'm so proud of my humble bunch! LOL

E000, E00, E02, E21 & R20. I wanted E11, but it was SOLD OUT!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

xo, Damaris

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