Craft Room Updated

The following 5 photos show what my craft room looked like before we moved.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Back in April 2010, when we moved into our 3 story townhouse, I was about 3 months pregnant and only had the help of 2 family members (including my husband) to get everything put away in 2 days. I was kinda rushed to figure a layout for my new craftroom and was never really pleased with the outcome. After all, for Christmas of 2009 my husband gifted me the help to reorganize my old craftroom, which came out perfect (if you ask me). I had been wanting to change things in this room for a while, but never really had the motivation or any ideas of what I wanted. I knew I wanted to change how the IKEA spice racks (which I think are not being sold anymore because I just went to the website and didn't find them), were placed on the wall, and I knew I wanted a new layout with more space, but I didn't know if standing up the expedit IKEA shelf would work on any of the walls. Most of the walls were used up and the others were too small.

(This photo shows the room in the townhouse
during the transformation)

So we put both our brains together and came up with something that I now LOVE and can't wait to just stay there for hours creating. It's not quite finished because I still have to organize my 2x2 clear stamp storage, my ribbon storage and the closet, but from what it was it's come a long way.

Once all the changes are made, I plan on doing yet another room update video tour and post it on youtube. When I do, I'll make sure to include it in a blog for you all to also see.

Thanks for viewing.

x0, Damaris
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